Missing the point........

I should begin by saying that in order to be fair about what I’m writing here I have included direct quotes.
Every so often I have found myself scanning the comments about my (and other’s) earlier journal entries and I just came across a couple of interesting ones concerning my July 15, 2009 posting. I referred to Cowboy357’s July 24, 2009 journal entry. I would suggest that folks read it if they haven’t already. I wrote at a time when the world was hearing about MJ everywhere we turned…..e-v-e-n here on DS (which is something that totally baffles me – why here??)…..while there were other people worthy of recognition who were ignored by the news media. Saying that things were out of proportion is putting it mildly. In my view my comments at the time were valid. I still feel the same……probably more so.
Two fellow DS-ers weighed in with a difference of opinion, but not really a difference of opinion because it was more that they had missed my whole point. They were offended because I “dared” suggest that the press about Michael Jackson was out of proportion a “wee bit” (their words) and followed that up with “how dare I not honor someone as gifted and talented as MJ” and “he deserves justice because of his long contributions to humanity as any soldier or anyone else.” It was also suggested that I needed to understand “the concept of dimensional love and adoration.” I don’t understand what is meant by this. Maybe someone can enlighten me.
I’ll say again…….I am quoting exactly what was written.
Someone else said “we can honor ALL people who deserve it.” Please guys isn’t that what I said?!?! My point was, and still is, that the constant barrage about MJ that was going on at the time I wrote my journal entry was excessive coverage of every breathe he took in his entire lifetime, as well as that of his family members, and it was out of proportion BIG-time as far as the other important things that were going on the world. I didn’t say shallow when I first wrote, but I probably should have. Boy, I have the feeling that I’m going to catch it for that last comment; however, since I don’t have a thin skin when addressing shallowness I am really not concerned about a mini-barrage that might be directed at me here on DS.
I’ll have to say that I appreciate the fact that even though these people do not agree with me that they did not criticize me personally as has happened here on DS at times with others in the past when there is a difference of opinion. . However, I do get that they feel I am out in left field with my thinking and need to be set straight. If the two people who commented read this please know that I believe you have a right to feel as strongly as you do, but I haven’t changed my opinion; I still feel the same as I did in July of ’09….our news media  is often irresponsible in their reporting at times.
There are worthy people who are contributing to other’s lives and making our world better because of the good they do and the sacrifices they make. The news coverage just seems to overlook them …….. T-H-A-T is my whole point!   I thought I had made this clear in my ’09 posting.  
I certainly can understand how someone might appreciate the talent of people in the limelight, follow their career, join their fan club, buy their posters, read their life history, etc. I did NOT say that I didn’t like MJ or that he didn’t have talent or that his passing should not be acknowledged. I simply was saying that…..enough is enough….and that the “news” that is reported needs to have a better balance !!!!!



Well, I for one, am with you on this one, they way over did it, for MJ, my wife passed away, one week before MJ, and everytime I seen the coverage, of MJ, it made me sic, this guy was accused of child molestation, and everyone knows, with enough money, you can buy, yer way out of things, weather he did it or not, in dealing with a child, ANYTHING, of that nature, gives me cause, to pause, in considering, what hes accused of,.. so talented, such a waste, of ya, he was a drug addict as well,.. hope you have a good day, thanks again, for being here, and my friend,.. Love , Dave

I agree with ya\'ll , he didn\'t die with a clean slate, but farrah did & I think there was another actor who died around the same time but mj got soo much publicity , I forgot who it was.
our people who die or do great things in the military or other things have not gotten the proper respect and burial that turd did.

PTL, like him or not I was gettng sick of it too. Popularity got him the praise and maybe talent but I can think of a whole lot of famous and worthy people who did not get any attention at all. Now I will probably be in trouble with you. Oh well. NJ xo