missing my LDR

well I heard from him tonight. It was so nice to hear his voice. Maybe not what I really wanted to hear completly, but I heard from him. He wouldn't say he loves me. He wouldn't say he wants to be with me. But at least I heard from him.
I just can't believe that this is all happening. We have been making plans to move in together and start a life togethe. he just a few days ago or so, was telling me how much he loves me, he would say cute little things to me, that would make me feel like a school girl.
Ya..we had our arguements too, and stress, but everyone has those. I know that, but I'm not so sure he knows that. We are pretty normal. But for some reason, he needs to think.
I was always there for him. I would listen to him, I couldn't wait to see him and hold him again. He was my best friend. He has a dog name Casey,, who loves me too, I know he's just a dog, but that dog really did love me..and now I won't probably even see him again either.
I am trying to stay positive, and hopeful. I guess for me right now.. If there is a god..(which I believe there is) then I sure hope he is watching out for us. Eric and I believed he brought us together, here in daily strength,, it's our job to stay together. but we could use a few prayers from anyone that wants help us out.
AND even worse with the holidays around the corner. this really sucks ! I finally feel I found my soul mate.. after all these years. and now what?
I am moving , so I will have to try to stay busy with that and work and hope that I will get a call from him one day that says he loves me and wants us back. I will be the happiest women out there!