Missing my dog

It's been two years today since Sacha left. She was a rescue Shar Pei when I got her at 4 years old. She had be terribly abused and was nearly bald from the experience. She was so wary of people that she would lash out at strangers. I took the challenge and made myself a spoiled princess.
With constant reassurance and love, she became a calm, well trained princess. Princess to the point the if there wasn't shredded white cheddar on her kibble, she wouldn't eat. She was just past 14 when everything started to fail. She had lost her hearing and her eyesight was failing. She was no longer able to walk down the stairs to go for her walk and I had to carry her. Our 5 mile daily walks had diminished to a half block before I had to carry her home. Finally , her hips started to give out and I had to hold her back legs up when she did her business. That was the sign for me and the hardest decision I ever had to make. Just the look in her eyes told me it was time. It was very peaceful at the vet. The did it outdoors in the sunshine. It was very calming in light of the situation and was over in minutes.
 The memory of her constant checking on me if I coughed or sneezed, nudging for a walk or enjoying any new treat I brought home have not diminished. The sound of her toenails clicking, snorting, and loud snoring are missed not they are not forgotten. She was truly a gift for which I will be forever grateful.