Miracles do happen and prayers work

I requested approval today to take a week off from work at the end of May. The approval came without a second thought or inquiry, which means that I have one full, long, beautiful week to spend out there.  I keep looking around in disbelief, knowing that I have all the tools to make it happen. I want to go back to UK and the bucket list is working - woo-hoo! All the places I fell in love with, the Tames River, the Cotswolds, Shakespeare Theater, The west end, Harrod's, The Green Park, the sites are endless. All by myself, taking the time to go and spend as long as I want in a museum, a store, walk with millions, just be part of the whole picture. It seemed impossible to do it again but I guess it is not so.  This week I am counting the days until Sunday when I will be traveling back to VA and work until Friday, then...carefuly...constantly...I will be counting the days until May. It will be Memorial Day week! How appropriate.  Sharing with you makes me happy. I know you are happy for me and I want you to know that I will bring my gift - wherever I go. It is my imaginary "Lucille" (as BB King's instrument) but my gift no one can see.  For those who wonder what the gift is: the essence. Beauty and happiness not visible to the naked eye.