Mind Games

Went to Walmart Saturday.  I had to pick up a prescription, a couple of items I forgot grocery shopping, and a couple of packages of batteries for flashlights.  So, I get a loaf of bread, a package of bagels, size D and AA batteries, and the prescription.  Had to pay for the non-prescription stuff at a regular check-out since the pharmacy was busy.  When I got home, I found I'd left the batteries at Walmart.  I figured the four items were all in the same bag.  Logical to me.  But, I didn't notice the bag wasn't heavy enough to have the batteries in it.  Called Walmart and told them what happened and they found them.  Told them I'd be right back.  I'd, also forgot to get a new frying pan, so I got it.  I went to the service desk and pulled out the receipt for the batteries that they said I didn't need since I'd told them right where they were.  To get to the receipt, I had to get in the pocket where I kept my reading glasses.  Well, I got the batteries, but when I got home, I realized I'd left my glasses on the counter.  I'm too embarrassed to go back for the glasses because of my forgetfulness.  Thank goodness they're only cheap Walmart reading glasses and I still have three pair around the house.