Messaging with OneTime is 100% secure

Messaging with OneTime is 100% secure and private since the connections to OneTime messenger appsservers are encrypted and therefore contents of messages are encrypted. Users type their messages, which are sent via data service to our servers, and routed to the intended recipient, if that recipient is online. If the recipient is not online, the undelivered message is held in OneTimes server until it can be delivered. If the message is undelivered for maximum thirty (30) days, the undelivered message is deleted from our servers.With downloading the app and registering your phone number you get one share of the company and become a shareholder. If you convince a friend to use OneTime you get one additional share of the company for each friend registering. In order to chat with contacts on OneTime, everyone must have the OneTime application installed and activated on their phones. If some of your friends and family are not yet on OneTime, you can invite them. To send an invitation go to Menu > Settings > Tell a friend. This allows you to send an SMS, email or a Tweet with a download link and an Invite Code. The invite code is important and helps us manage incentive programs for each new registered friend you invited.In order to chat with your contacts on OneTime, both parties must have the OneTime application installed and activated on their phones. If you got an invitation to use OneTime via SMS, Email or Twitter from one of your friends you also got a 7 digits invite code. This code helps us to keep track of who invited you and to manage incentive programs. you bought OneTime you have no annual fees and no additional costs provided you have an adequate data plan. No backup of messages, pictures or other files is kept on the server. After delivering the message it will be irretrievably deleted from our server making your messages completely private and safe. Once a message has been delivered, it no longer resides on their servers. The contents of any delivered messages are not kept or retained by OneTime the only records of the content of any delivered messages reside directly on the senders and recipients mobile devices.You can visit their official website for more details and read about the policies and terms and conditions before start using this device, for a better start.