this is crazy! I started menopause at 38 I am now 53 and it hasn't ended yet. I read something last night that said some women have hot flashes for life. That's just not fair!but who ever said life was fair right.
Wednesday my son beat the biggest and walked out a free man. And life has been just moved to a bowl every since I got home that day. I haven't been able to celebrate in my heart at all.I've been very ill this weekend and I know its just the stress. After a lifetime of drama I just can't take it anymore. I feel like I have PTSD. I haven't felt safe since we had a home invasion 2 years ago. And with all my friends being attacked I'm really scared to live in this town anymore.!is it possible to have PTSD and not have been in a war zone?well the truth is my life has felt like I was in a war zone. This is a very violent town a lot of criminal activity. I've been robbed repeatedly 6 years with my ex husband who beat me and cause me to lose my house. My son has been in and out of trouble since he was 14 that's been very stressful. We had a home invasion 2 years ago the, came in and I check my other son who had only been home from California for like 3 hours. I've had a gun in my face a couple of times.we also had her black kid that was trying to kill my son for a couple of years and he was also threatening me. They came by my house with a drive by shooting. Luckily they were firing in the air. I just can't live like this anymore, I don't feel like myself anymore. Of myself somewhere along the way. I used to be strong but now I'm not I can't deal with anything any kind of stress at all. I don't know what to do. I'm stuck now with the new house.and there is absolutely no way I could get my dad to move. I want to go back to California. Leavenworth Kansas is one of the most dangerous places in the country it's Wyandotte 
County Kansas City.and it when they say Kansas bloody Kansas they mean it. Kansas City is rated one of the most dangerous cities in the country. Its true!