memories of abuse

Im finding it really hard to recall the things that have been said to me over the past 10 years, I dont know if Im just blocking them out or what but i definitely know i have been wronged.
So i thought i would try to come up with some instances to try and refresh my memory to help me remember why Im not happy and want to leave.
My sister recalls long ago but I do not that he said to me, if i knew you were going to get so fat, i would have never married you.
a few things from my phone that i documented, first an argument from 4-12-12, its all my fault that we are going to lose 1.8 million because i forgot to pick up a high 8 tape for his meeting that he needed to record, so i was yelled at, now we are going to lose everything, this is for an invention that he has come up with, he is always dreaming but actually quit his job for this one, i have done everything to help him with this stupid idea and now he says its my fault cuz i forgot a damn tape.
4-9-12 had an argument today for who would go get food for supper because my son was sick, and i didnt have any cash except that was for the bank, he didnt want to stay home with a sick kid, what if he pukes he says? I thought um maybe you'll be a real father and take care and clean up after your son?  so i tried to wake up parker to take him with, he didnt want to and was so tired,  so i took a hundred dollar bill from my purse(for the bank) and told him your such a f***king dick! He followed up with, I could just f***king put my fist through the wall right now, your such a f***king bitch and then he left and slammed the door. I know it wasnt proper of me to swear at him and i hate doing it but someitmes he just pushes and pushes until i lose it, he can never just take care of his son like i do, always have, he can never take the responsibility of actual care for a child and gets mad whenever my son is sick and its always my fault he is sick, i dont feed him right or he doesnt wear enough clothing out when its cold, take him to the dr, thats all he has to say, when ive taken him to the dr countless times and i know what they are going to say, give it time, its a cold, i know when to take my son to the dr and he never goes without, so irritating!
3-9-12 i was yelled at for moving the grill in our yard so the dog wouldnt get tangled around it on his leash. he says, leave shit where i put it, im not apologizing either, if you would just listen and leave my shit alone! Seriously over moving a grill 4 feet?
4-9-12 On Easter, my son woke up and started looking for his easter basket, my H told him to wait til i came back inside with the dog, which was fine, then when i came back in he said Now you can look for your basket, My son didnt get up right away so my H barked at him, Get Up and Go Find your basket! It hurt my sons feelings so he started to cry and went and sat on the stairs. I went to comfort him, so my H came and yelled at him, Whats wrong with you? All i said was find your basket, your always getting me in trouble, now im the bad guy, quit crying, your not a baby, everything is always my fault, even when your the one who starts it! This is all in a sturn voice, not quite yelling but loud, blaming my son for him being an ass. I felt so bad for my son he didnt know what to do but cry cuz he was hurting so bad, all the while my H is going on and on how everything is always turned on him, thats because he always starts it!
Its always rude remarks, I never do anything right, if i do laundry, i dont put it away quick enough or i leave it in the dryer too long, i dont do dishes often enough, which i will admit, i hate doing dishes but its not the end of the world if i dont do them the same day.  I dont make what he wants for supper only what i like, well for a man that is not picky he always has something to say about what we eat.  If im cleaning like a mad lady and actually proud of myself for getting so much accomplished he always has to point out what i didnt do, well i see you cleaned upstairs but you didnt do a damn thing down here, all the while he is not working at the moment but does nothing to help out around the house but can complain about what i havent gotten done.
So tired of living this way, I shouldnt have to deal with constant criticism, my son shouldnt have to worry about what he says to his dad with worries that it will set him off, he should be able to cry for gods sake hes only 8 but the H that is weakness.  My son has also learned from me what to do to not set him off, dont talk to dad when he first gets up in the morning, wait til he gets his coffee or he will snap at you, dont make too much noise in the house, so frustrating that my son has learned to walk on eggshells just like i have.
And the latest was this weekend, we were out fishing, my sons reel got tangled up and i tried and tried to figure it out on my own but i couldnt. So i asked him, wold you please come over here and help me, he comes over takes it in his hand for literally 5 seconds says, i dont know whats wrong with it, so i replied well thanks for all that help, he got right in my face and said I Told You I Dont Know how to f**king fix those things, so dont ask me again! Which i have started to come back at him but feel bad when i have an out burst when my son is near and he shouldnt have to hear it, I told him Dont you ever F***king swear in my face again! 
Why the hell do i stay? Its obvious that i am unhappy my son is unhappy but not all the time because like them all he does have a good side, but its just comes and goes.  Someone Knock some sense it to me, I need a PUSH in a big way. I really want to leave but i am worried about my son and change of schools because he has a hard time making friends and is shy but i do have family and friends that support my decision, my son is whats holding me back and i know that this is not good for him but rearranging his whole life is going to have a major impact on him! Help!
I just thought maybe recounting some of this stuff would help me gain clarity, if you all have any words of encouragement to get me and my son out of here please do, i need to get out of here, I need to be pushed, whatever advice you have please let me know