Meltdown Central

Took my grand to Disney along with my friend and her daughter last Monday.  It was a disaster from beginning to end.  Isa wouldn't cooperate in the car, standing in lines, just in general.  She whined, she cried, she tantrumed, she tried to run off while we were ordering dinner.  I wanted to just leave so bad, but my friend has anxiety issues too and I didn't want to strand her even though her kid was being pretty good.
Then today, Isa's dad came by and we took Isa to Monkey Joe's.  He was embarrassed to climb around the slides with her.  He finally loosened up and it was a pretty good visit.  Of course right after that, my daughter wanted her visit.  We went out to dinner with my husband.  That part was fine.  Afterward, we went to Target and my daughter promised to buy Isa a radio (not that Isa knows what a radio is yet).  Of course, she ended up just buying things for herself.  She did throw a box of diapers in the cart, but we put it back because Isa is on the verge of potty training and I don't think we'll need another 72 diapers (I hope).  After 3 1/2 years, NOW she wants to contribute diapers?  It's too fricking late! 
Isa picked up some crap in the dollar section and had a meltdown when we refused to buy them.  I had picked out Tinkerbell dolls ($10) and some really nice markers.  The whole time, Lisa kept asking her, "Why do you like daddy?"  "Do you like me better?" and trying to compete for being the better parent.  What a joke. They both suck as parents.  My daughter couldn't handle the tantrum, got very embarrassed, then when Isa was trying to calm down, my daughter was hesitant to show her any affection.  I had to tell her "Don't withhold your love."  She is absolutely clueless how to parent or how to make her own daughter feel safe.  It's all about validating my daughter's ego and worth as a mom, when she is so lame.   Disgusting behavior.



Isn\'t it all a mess? As far as the kids and taking them places, that is one thing I learned from when I had my own kids, and I\'m trying to remember it with these grandkids. I refuse to take them to any sort of theme park until they are at, the very minimum, 6 years old. That puts them a little past the \"needs a nap\" range, but not by far if they are 6 or 7, so you have to take that into consideration. They cannot take long lines or heat, so no Sea World in Texas in June through the end of October. If I take them to some place like that, it would be on a school day and have them miss a day or 2 for it, or during the off time of the year. Same goes for nice dinners out. A 3-year-old is a very chancey person to take to a restaurant. Instead of your daughter buying diapers, you should have put a package of panties in the basket instead, or even pull-ups, especially for at night. Don\'t let her get away with picking out the wrong thing. I always tell the kids too \"See this stuff? If you are not good all the way through the store, I will tell the lady to PUT IT BACK.\" And they know that I WILL do it. Or buying them the gum at the register. If they are not good the whole time we are there, no gum, nothing, at all, when we leave. You will only have to prove it a couple of times before they know you mean it. That validating crap grates on my nerves too. My grandson\'s bio-dad does that. Since they are only talking to him on the phone, I interrupt with a \"why don\'t you tell dad about....\" statement in a completely different direction each and every time.