Medication or what?

Well saw my GP last Monday, and she has given me some 50mg size tablets.  I was currently on 300mg and she wants me to come down slowly in 50mg and at least 1 or 2 weeks at each dose level.   So Monday night took 250mg, tuesday night took 250mg wednesday night took 250mg thursday night took 250mg, friday night took 300mg !!!! Don't know if it is the meds, or whether I would have hit a low anyway, but Friday Jane just had me miserable all day, not coping, crying all the time, not wanting to eat, chlosterphobia sky rocketed to another planet.   Something happened at work, and I'm not sure if I was just being over sensitive or what, but nearly lost my rag on thursday and came very close to walking out, fortunately Duty Officer asked for me to go to another unit to work as we had 4 staff in our unit and officially we should have 4, but can manage on 3.  So that was my saving grace.  But then on Friday I was really bad, don't know if it was a reaction to what happened, whether it was my meds or what, but i just couldn't cope, so put my meds up to 300 again.  Felt a bit better today, got into work dreading it as one fo the people concerned was on shift, however we again had to loose someone to another unit, and no-one else wanted to go so I went.  I did a double shift today, so got moved to another unit for my early, and then my late was already booked in another unit.  It was great being in different units throughout the day, I loved it.   I am seeing the Care Services Manager on Monday and talking to her about leaving as such, but going down as `Bank staff'.  Bank Staff can pick up any overtime going at the start of each term, they can also get called to ask if they could come in to support due to staff sickness etc.  At present there is pleanty going, both on days, nights and in education.  Only snag is there is no guarantee, but it would mean I could work in different units.     It's soooo tempting, going to see what she has to say about it.  Also going to speak to some employment agencies in my home town and see waht chances there are of getting temporary work through them if i need it.   Back in again on an early shift tomorrow, then taking the brownies ice skating, early on Monday and Tuesday and then got 2 days off.