Me VS state of ILLINOIS [PART 2]

I went to ILL and drove over 1000 miles round trip for absolutely NOTHING!!! I wnet to court on Tuesday with my dd and was told by her lawyer that she had requested that I not be allowed in the court room.She denys that she told him to do it but I know in my heart that she did.Before they went in her and her bf were both served with petitions for termination of their rights,which I did get to read.Apparently they both have failed every drug test given them in the last 10 months.The haven't done anything about finishing their permancy plan so they could get her back themselves and had not told the court that they were willing to let me adopt her.When they came out of the court room She was crying and he was upset because their visits with the baby were cut down to 1 hour a month until the termination hearing in July.Then she told me that the workers had said that they had a family who had already petitioned for adoption and that I was not getting the baby.I was so upset that I just walked away from her and left the court house.When I told my friend [baby's 1st foster mother] she encouraged me to call the case worker and the family advocate and talk to them.When I called the family advocate he told me that my dd had revoked her permission for him to talk to me 2 weeks ago but the worker told me that there was no other family and that she was still working on the Interstate Compact for me but that I would be lucky to have her home before Christmas.So once again the daughter whom I had hoped had finally decided to get her life straightened out and was thinking of what was best for her child only wanted to see me hurt again and was only thinking of herself. She even called me 8 times before I got to the court house to make sure I was coming just so she could see how much she hurt me.I just don't understand why she gets such a thrill out of hurting me when all I have ever done is tried to help her. Today is the baby's b'day and we were supposed to get to give her a party,they did but when I talked to the worker and told her that I was afraid that she would try to pull something else because at this point I can only see the baby if my dd says its ok and during her visit.She [the worker] said that it would probably not be a good idea to go to the party and that she would try to hurry and get all my paper work done so that I could start having visits on my own and get the baby used to me before I can bring her home.So I left last night and came home and didn't get to do anything that I went up there to do. When I first arrived on Monday evening I was standing in their yard when a truck came up their street and stopped and her bf hurried over to it and I saw the driver hand him something small ,which I am sure was drugs! Especially when afterward they were in a big hurry for us to leave.SUCH LOW LIFES!!!!