McDonalds yeah

Hayley is out of school so her and I are sitting in Mcdonalds using their wifi GOOD McDonalds !!!  Used to call them Mcbarfy burger now Big Mac ok
Pump went out on irrigatin system again, seems the bolts were not tightened so it vibrated and stopped, once tightened began but would not stay on so hoping the place that worked on it can do it for free... Not essential rush this time no flooding but stilling pumping it down once a day but can probaly do it once a week now....less gas that way
Hayley helping me mow, weed eat the tall grass along roadway as fire season is amongst the west states.
Dale in New Mexico getting lots of smoke but no fire near him, he and Travis in Denver at race track and horses and them getting lots of smoke there awful....Wished I was there
Going to Lindas she got new sewing machine maybe things will go faster so will retry otherwise I am going to not do it too much $$$ for gas. 
We are going to load up all your steel and metalyou left behind Roger tomorrow and take it down and sell it....there should be s few hundred $$$ That will pay for new struts on car...
Warm out today yeah finally the miserable rainy weather was getting me down..



Glad you have some sunshine and some $$$$$$..........

Sunshine, a little $$$, and some GOOD HALEY TIME TOO!! :-) Glad Micky D\'s (that\'s what we always called it) is helping to make a good WiFi connect and some MUCH NEEDED down time!!

Hope the pump can be fixed and YES they should have a warranty to fix for free! Hoping!!!

HUGS Diane

McDonald\'s can be a great place---with the WIFI---and you always know what you\'re getting at McAdonald\'s---which is what one of my grand kids called it!

Hoping you get lots of $$$$\'s and the sewing will go better---and if not something even better for you. You have been working hard to do all you do---you are impressive!