maybe it's me

Maybe it isn't.  Maybe it isn't what it is.  I don't know anymore.  Time will tell and I will remain vigilant and keep my eyes and ears open.  J came home late last night (in a good mood) and I swore I smelled alcohol on his breath.  I didn't even go there.  He was the one who had to get up at the crack of dawn this morning so if that's how he wanted to start out then so be it.  T went for his intake interview at the on-line school to see if it will fit for him.  After we left he told me that he hates all the rules.  No surprise there.  Complain, complain.  I told him that if he has it in his head that he's going to hate it then he's going to hate it.  I also said that it's all a matter of having a good attitude about it, and he must think of this opportunity as a gift, not a burden. True this place is stricter than the high school he went to but this is his choice and we reap what we sow.  He said he still wants to go this on-line school.  He is entitled to his feelings but I hope he realizes that he can adjust them and get with the program, so to speak. He also announced that he's no longer taking his Wellbutrin and hasn't for the last two weeks.  He's been lying to me about that.  I told him he had no reason to do so.  If he doesn't want to - then fine.  No wonder he's been smoking more.   These boys!  Man - they were NOT difficult when they were younger!  We never had any real significant issues to deal with until high school.  Between the ADD and the usage - this has put them both more than a few years behind in the maturing department, compared to others their age.  My oldest - quite the opposite.  He was way ahead of his age group.  He made his Eagle Scout before entering 9th grade for goodness sake!  Instinctively, I think I knew he would be because when he was an infant, I used to call him "Mr. Man".  Despite their differences - they have always gotten along with each other!  I am so very grateful for that!