May 4, 2008

Today was Ryan's First Holy Communion, went to his Communion Mass the Priest sounded like Liberace.  His homily was a comparison of tomorrows Japenese tradition of Kite Flying and how we cannot see the wind but we know its there.  We can't see Christ he said,but he is here too in his body and blood.  Nice hah.  I wish I believed. I wish I believed. Today I watched my brother's smoking and decided to make a pact with God.  So if God exists, my brother will stop smoking. My sister cracked up her brand new car. Broken wrist, still on meds, big time.  But the usual,   Elephant is in the Living Room.  My niece is not angry at her any more so she wiggled out of rehab again.  The giant new trampolene is nice too.  Beautiful  day for a First Holy Communion. I ate the cake, cookies and tons of eggplant parm., was it my imagination that eyes darted my way when Susan was discussing the new makeover tv program she was producing for the "Bigest Losers" , did her eyes shift my way when she was telling how they staged alot of it and so forth....nah, I'm just sensitive right. Great day of a First Holy Communion. Hey these things go on all over America, I truly had a good time with my family and it was a nice day for a First Holy Communion. I miss Mom.  No one asked me about Mother's Day.  Its ok, cause my new friend is coming by to keep me company.  We will spend it with  two other adult orphans.  I will give an Adult Orphan's Mother's Day Luncheon.  I am melancholy, but this too shall pass. Luv, Ree