May 16, 2010 My last day in Denver

Friday....Got up at 6:15am grabbed my sisters laptop and went into the other bedroom where the printer was.  Asked Kelly if I hooked it up right, she said I did.  Signed on to and proceeded to put my info in to check in.  I hit "go" a few times and then 6:35 came I hit "go".  ok, I got A 36 from Denver to Baltimore and A 39 Baltimore to Buffalo.  I figured great!  I will get a window seat.  I stayed up and came on here for alittle while (thanks for the chat Scott!).  I also read my book for alittle while.  I am not a very fast reader so its taking me a while to get through it.  I had to get ready, wash my hair before my sister came home at 11:15.  I did that and she came by and wanted to do my makeup (I am not one to put makeup on!).  We had a noon appt with the hairdresser so she can touch up my hair (I had a bunch of grey on the side of my looked pretty scarry, what do you want!  I am 44 years old and now I have to deal with that).  We left at 11:30, her neighbor from behind us (Renee, the one who went to the vietamese restaurant with us) came too.  We went to this little restaurant that served little hamburgers (I cannot remember the place, Kisma you know).  Kisma had to work until 12:30 and had an interview but she would call us later.  Went to the hair appt.  I took a picture of myself with the foil in my hair.  I will post them later (I haven't even finished unpacking yet).  The hair touchup only lasted about 20 minutes in the meantime, Kelly and renee went walking around the little shops they have there. After the hair, we went walking around again.  Had icecream at some shop called Mammo Mos (something like that).  it reminded me of cold stone creamery (I had cinnamon ice cream..mmmmm).  We had to get back at 1:30 (Kisma didn't call by then, oh well) to meet Dan at the house so we can go to the museum and see the "body worlds" exibit.  I missed it here in Buffalo but I was glad to catch it here.  That is so neat.  If this exibit comes to your city/town - I would advise you to go. Just as we were going into the "body worlds" exibit in the museum, Kisma called stating her son was ill.  Oh well, that does happen - I will catch up to her the next time I will be in town. Kisma, we will catch up to eachother for sure the next time!   I wished I had taken pictures there. Probably would have gotten yelled at by the security officers! (I did that once at a casino with my phone camera and the security officer told me to put the phone away).  You know, that picture was taken off my camera without my knowledgement.    Never do that again, i didn't know I couldn't.  Such a trouble maker.  NOT!  Anyways, after the body worlds exibit - we went into some of the animal exibits (I would have rather go into the science exibits).  We got towards a window and discovered a downpour rain (it was so nice out earlier at the shopping area).  We were going to have a real kinda fancy dinner but decided to have steak instead because we had to get up at 4am for the plane ride home (we probably would have ate at 1am instead of the usual 10:30pm dinner). 
4am Kelly got up and knocked on the door to have me get up.  I got up got dressed and proceeded to pack.  Looked at the mirror and saw my hair did this flip thing that wasn't suppose to happen.  I wet it alittle bit to calm it down but it wasn't perfect.  She dropped me off at the airport and went to the outside guy.  He was checking some guy in who had a lot of tickets to check in.  I told him I would wait for a few minutes, took mercy on me since I only had 1 bag, and checked me in.  The other guy behind me had to go inside.  That guy ahead of me had some nerve to check that many tickets in (maybe he worked for southwest?  I didn't ask).  I proceeded in and went through security.  There had to be 200 people flying out.  I couldn't believe the amount of people flying out at 5-6am in the morning.  Thats a lot of people.  I did fine, threw my stuff in the bucket, took my shoes off and then I walked through.  No problems.  I think I was in line for about 15 minutes.  Went pretty fast.  I was about an hour and 15 minutes from getting my flight in Denver.  I read my book again to kill time.  By the time I looked up from reading there was about 30 people waiting.  Got on the plane and got my window seat, left hand side row 5.  I had an empty seat next to me and another guy sat at the isle. He didn't say anything.  Dozed off for most of the flight (it was 3 hours to Baltimore) and read my book.  Got into Baltimore at 11:30 (about 15-20 min early).  Smooth flight back.  Then proceeded to walk Baltimore's gates to find my buffalo connection.  There was these older guys in the middle of the terminal - must have been 40 of them with white t shirts with an american flag.  Some old timers group.  They were kinda roudy.  Who knows where they were going and doing.  I then sat down for a few minutes at my gate, called my mother to check and find out what I needed to do when I got there.  I was A 39, definitely getting a good seat.  Got on the plane and there was 50 people there and NO WINDOW SEATS!  Apparently the plane that I was boarding was a Ft Lauderdale Florida connection.  Damn thats a lot of people going to florida in the middle of May.  I started to sit at a isle seat but a guy asked me politely to move over to the middle.  I didn't care, I told him I probably would have had to move in.  I didn't really want to get up and let him in.  It was better for me to move in and he could take a seat.  Said that his connection had just came in and almost missed the plane.  Found out that he was on the same flight as I was from Buffalo to Baltimore on Sunday when I was coming to Denver.  The lady who was in the window seat was nice too.  She lived in my old town (orchard park) and was visiting her friend in Ft Lauderdale (she connected and looked like a friendly face to sit next to).  I got in at 2:15pm.  Mom drove me home.  Called My friend Tom and my friend Deb and tell them I made it home.  Went to lunch with Debbie and went to pick up the cat at Toms, went to dinner with him and then came home. 
Today, I stayed in bed until 2:15pm (slept until 11am) and watched TV in bed.    Terrible jet lag.  Feels like I have lost 2 hours, I will feel better in a few days when my body catches up to the time change.



Wow, you are a very busy person. I would have slept longer. Your hair sound pretty. Glad you had a good time and got to visit with your sister so much. You have had a very exciting vacation and I bet you are looking forward to the next one!! Glad to see you having such a good time!! Hugs