Married life is in bad condition

Hi all. I need some Guide or advice related to my family life and not any medical advice. My husband and I have a son who is 4 yrs old.I stay with my In-laws and my marriage has been struggling for awhile. I am working woman in software industry. There is a large mixture of things going on, however, lately I feel very depressed.
My mother-in-law(MIL) is uneducated. Me and MIL had a fight about food that is prepared at home since 1.5 yrs of my marriage. Actually she is the one who generally cooks food on weekdays & on weekends very often I will also cook for the family. She prepares very spicy food using green chillies. My gastritis problem was becoming a serious. so i ask her to not make food spicy... but she prepared most of the dishes spicy and one or two dishes was made less spicy for the sake of showing it to others. So i started to prepare my food for some time...Some day when i asked that am facing serious problems with my gastritis, she rudely mentioned that she will prepare most of dishes spicy and If i am not Ok i need to prepare my food separately...So from then on I prepared my own food... She use to separate out the vessels which I use and which she uses...Irritating behaviour started increasing day by day.
Some day MIL kept the dish which i had prepared for myself near the Dustbin. This was done to insult me... when i said what she did was not right and the argument started my husband came, when i explained all this he started scolding me back instead of doing the justice. Was really upset, the reason is because, he is the only person who can support me started fight with me... started feeling very lonely and depressed.
Because of our in-laws stuffs, fight btw me & my husband has increased...
we were living in a joint family before where our in-laws, our family and Brother-in-law family were living together. MIL had a bad fight with my sister-in-law and after that i got married and entered the joint family. our MIL wanted to separate out probably because she dint want to stay with sister-in-law. she keeps creating problem with me now...
I am facing problems with food and her irritating behaviour with each & everything...and my husband doesnt tell anything to his mother or correct things.