March already?

I don't know about you but to me it seems as if time is just whizzing by. I can't believe that it's March already. Here I was enjoying my respite from specialists .I had nary an appointment with any of the medical big dogs since January. However now that it's March I have an appointment with the neurologist on the 9th and the pulmonologist on the 17th.(Hey, that's St.Patrick's Day...maybe they'll serve green beer. That would be worth my copay.) Speaking of copays, my health insurance is verrrry expensive now that I have retired . ($500 a month) Since I am a veteran I decided to explore the option of getting the VA health insurance. I went to a nearby VA Health Clinic to see what I needed to do. It seems as if I do meet their criteria for enrollment but I don't know. The clinic seemed a little old and rundown. It  wasn't dirty exactly...just worn, dark and dingy.  I may apply anyway since it costs nothing but I won't give up my other health insurance at this time. I get the health insurance from my former employer and it is good if pricey. If I ever give it up, I can never rejoin. I'll probably apply for the VA insurance...just in case...but I'll hold on to my insurance from my employer. All my doctors are through my current insurance and I don't want to start again at square one.  Be well,Tom