March 2, 2008

And so another day goes by and nothing has changed. Hubby might get to come home tomorrow. yeah. I am so tired of running back and forth it will be a nice change. I did enjoy the break though. Having some time to myself here at the house has been wonderful.  I was so mad at myself today and I am also really proud of myself. Mad because I almost could not control my urge to smoke a ciggarette, amd proud that I did not give in. I was driving to the hospital thinking of all kinds of excuses to have one. Like it will taste bad and prove to myself I really did not want one or on the way home no one will smell it. I just kept driving to all of my destinations and walked right in the door of my house, not turning back.  I know we all have hard days, but even in the beginning of quitting, I don't remember it being this bad.  tomorrow will be a better day. I came home tonight and made a cheeseburger for myself as a treat. That helped.  Thought for the day......If water makes plants grow, Tears make people grow.