March 14, 2008

Today has been a good day. I got out of the house and went to the store with my sister. Thank God for her. I don't know what I would do without her. She is my rock. Not much happened today. I asked my hubby to help me eat healthier. I love him so much. I was too tired to eat much of anything for dinner, so I just had a bowl of chicken and noodles. After dinner he asked me where my vegetables were and if I had anything else. He told me that it was ok for today, but tomorrow I had better eat a well balanced dinner. Of course I make him eat healthy, but sometimes I am too tired. At least I am eating. Tomorrow is the weekend and thank goodness no-one is coming to the house. I love the quiet weekends alone with the hubby.   Thought for the day..........Don't try to put 13 eggs into a 12 egg container, you will end up breaking them.