Many things

Later today I will give my ex the last part of the money for the land.  It has proven to be hard every time I have to see him.  The last time he tried to act like he is my friend-far from it-and make several attempts for me to see him in his home because according to him his wife is not around and I am always welcome in his home.  It takes so much effort from my part not to react,  he then tried to settle a stupid argument we had more than 10 years back, I kept calm and again did not react I only reminded him why we were there,  ( the first lawyer screw up the paper work for the sale and I hired a new one who is really good but the downside was that we -my ex and I- had to notarized all the paperwork again) which is why we were at the notary's office signing the papers.  At the same time I'm human and its hard not to get well flustered...why did he had to bring up an argument from so far was a stupid argument about coffee.  
Al agree to come with me so I can hand him the cashier's check this afternoon.  Other than that I have to say my life is pretty good.  Last week we went to see N-my stepdaughter-and to my surprise my D ask to come also.  It was a delightful afternoon.  N has 25 horses in her farm!! I don't know how she does it!!  Her farm in Pennsylvania is to me- huge- and she always finds a way to take care of everything.  I really love that girl.  It turns out she and my daugther have been communicating almost everyday.  They talk about their day and about relationships, apparently my D is good at relationship advice-who knew!  Back at home Al and I were very pleased to see how they are getting along.  Is not like a pollyanna thing is more like well good friends. And that is really good.  It helps that their ages are not too far.  My D is 21 and N is 27.  I think my d is basking in the glow of being a middle child-when you are a only child this is a welcome change.  She really has come along way.  We had dinner at a brazilian rodizio-one of those places where the waiters keep bringing all kinds of meats to your table-and the two of them were in a friendly competition to see who eat the most bacon wrapped chicken in 4 minutes.  It was hilarious.  The waiter came back with some raw bbq steak-N favorite-and my d took some and save it for like she told the waiter-my sister is in the bathroom she will kill me is she doesn't get this.

Al and I will see a movie tonight after finishing this last part of the puzzle.

I'm looking forward to just that