Maldives At The Angsana Resort At Ihuru

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Internally the colours are brilliant with lime green, tangerine, and yellows predominating.

If you're after totally luxury breaks in the Maldives, or perhaps a Maldive...

Angsana Ihuru can be found in the North Male Atoll, with only a short 25 minute shift from the airport. Angsana has only 45 villas with thatched roofs, private gardens, and verandas with relaxing and dining areas. There is also a backyard shower, airconditioning, a mini bar, and tea and coffee making facilities.

Internally the colors are vibrant with green, tangerine, and yellows predominating.

Then this spa retreat surrounded by a shallow lagoon, an unspoilt reef, and a quite beautiful palm fringed image postcard beach would be totally perfect, If you're after totally luxury holidays in the Maldives, or perhaps a Maldives vacation.

When you arrive, and during your stay at Angsana Ihuru you will appreciate why it's one of many most photographed of the Maldive Island resorts.

Angsana Resort is also well known for the excellence of its food, therefore then this might be for you, if your idea of an ideal luxury visit to the Maldives is to eat.

The following so the major causes why you may need to remain at the Angsana Resort for both your visit to the Maldives or your Maldives honey moon could easily be summarised.

Angsana is close to the airport at Male being only a 25 minute transfer by speedboat, that is good after having a long flight.

Angsana is one of many most beautiful islands in the Maldives

It is a foodies haven

It has one of many best home reefs in the Maldives

There is a bunch of things you can do including beach volleyball, as well as snorkelling and diving

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An attractive beach

It's little with 45 private villas

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