Making my first big decision without him...Feels Good!!

Well I did it guys. I found the perfect place for me and the kids. As soon as I walked in I knew this was it. For the past few weeks I have been looking at houses with big back yards in beautiful neighborhoods ect... They also had pretty high price tags also. Then I was looking for totally cheap places that I could afford all by myself incase my man child runaway H skipped out all together giving us nothing every month.. Well these places I wouldn't leave my dogs in forget the kids!!!!
So my awesome big sister told me "Honey you have to except that your life is going to be different for awhile not forever just awhile, put some of your stuff in storage and stop looking at houses with all the responsibilites that come with it and look for a nice, clean, pretty, town home or apartment home" Some have backyards for the dogs, most pay water and trash and most of them now have free internet so you only have to pay for cable for your tv. Your still trying to hold on to the lifestyle you had together and you just have to let some of that go for now she said. Just sign 6 months and see where you are then stop looking at everything like it's forever and start just living in the now for awhile. Well I went today and found a beautiful 3 bedroom 2 bath town home with a little yard for my dogs and about 8 min from my work and Austin's school filled out the application and put a deposit on it. Please send your prayers and good thoughts my way that I get good news on my application tomorrow.
Thanks everyone for all your support,



Your sister gave you some good advice. Be thankful you have her support. I think you have found the perfect place for now. It doesn\'t have to be a forever place; it will fill an immediate need.

It sounds perfect for you. Good location.