making me crazy

He is still here says he can't get an apartment until April now he says May.  He says he can stay with the person he stayed with last time he left.  but he is still here. What I hope is he has to stay with this guy in the one room he gets there because he hated it there.  Sometime, no let me correct that I think that he only came back because he hated it there so bad.  The water was always cold the guy was noisy and well everything that could go wrong did. Good  I want him to be as misarable as he has made me with his lying and cheating ways.  And still he thinks he has done nothing wrong.  He thinks chatting with his women is no big deal even after I told him to not do it in the house that I am not stupid and I know he is doing it. Still I catch him hiding his hand quickly under the blanket  or pillow when I walk into the living room.  What does he really think I am that stupit.  I told him that he does not have to admit or deny that he is still taking to his women "friends" but not to do it in the house to show me some respect, he said fine. Oh but what a lier what a bastard that he has no respect for me or the kids that he would do this in our house still knowing I want him out now. I hate him so much I wish that all the Karma would just do its job and he would get all the bad that is coming his way.