Making it brief

Well, haven't heard from him since the texts last month.  They are happily living together still.  He claims to be happy on his myspace page.  But how does he really feel?  He is going thru alot of crap:1.  moved out of the house in town- Aunt Vicky thinks they got evicted2.  got laid off a month ago from his job3.  avoids his family like the plague4.  moved near or in with her parents5.  behind in his Jeep payments (the bank called me last Wednesday) His kids even treat me like im a total stranger.  Saw them a week ago last Sunday and they acted like they didn't know whao I was.  Did HE tell them not to talk to me or did Janeen?   Saw Amanda at the bar the other night and she asked me why Spanky wasn't with me.  I told her we broke up in April and he left me for a 19 yr old.  She shook her head and said "He will be back.  He will realize that he lost the best thing that ever happened to him and will come back to you".  How do these people know? Psychics have already told me that and now average Joe's are telling me that too.  I wish it would come true but only if he were to become the Spanky that I loved, not the irresponsible jerk that he has become.  My Spanky was loving, thoughtful, happy, smiling, cuddly, wanted to spend time with his kids.  This one is irresponsible, reckless, uncaring, cold, total idiot, swayed by the juvie.   Unfortunately only time will tell in the end!