making a deposit/gratitude 3 things today

I'm grateful to God for protecting me and being patient with me today.
I'm grateful for practicing and designing a new yoga sequence.
I'm grateful for finding the courage to call a friend and plan a get-to-together.
I'm grateful for not letting 90% of the people I came in contact with today cause me to be anxious.
I'm grateful for my book: The Introvert Advantage.  I'm reading everyday.  It has truly helped me deal with the trauma.
My deposit: I was calm, polite, and easy to get along with today. [$5]
Excitement: I saw Shaq O'neal today in the book store.  I had no idea he was in town or be in my favorite book store.  He wasn't as big as he looks on television.  He did not show up well on my camera phone.  He had a nice suit on.