I reached 148-149 mid-june at which point I stopped "dieting" and instead worked on maintaining. I had not yet reached my goal, but I had just bought a new wardrobe for summer and I didn't want to have to re-buy again for the season. Starting in September I will begin a more strict diet so that by October or November I will buy new winter clothes. I have still been losing weight, just much more slowly since I am not keeping the calories around 1200. My weight currently fluctuates between 141 and 145. I am sticking to three reasonable meals a day and one or two small snacks. The only thing I am not doing is counting calories, although I do try to avoid anything heavy on the calories.
I... feel good about everything. I have even thought about extending my diet to lose even more weight, but I don't feel that being 120 lbs is necessary for my happiness. I am content where I am now and no longer feel disgusting when I look at myself in the mirror.
So... that's where I'm at. :)