Madly Irritating

I had written 180 odd words when  I did something fancy with the shift key and the mouse roller and lost the lot.
Nevermind it wasn't worth keeping!
I am in a tizz today because I can't fit into my one tidy pair of trousers for Apii's wedding. Must go and buy some new ones which is daunting me very. Just don't think we'll be able to find anything...
I haven't taken Arnie for his walk this morning either. Too busy watching a rubbish programme on TV and eating fattening french toast with maple syrup.
Its all beyond me. But it won't matter in a year's time. need to console myself thus.
I am the Captain of my's all down to my attitude to whatever life throws at me. Worst come to worst I can wear jeans. No one else will care.
I must be careful with typing into my Journal here and not lose the lot.
At least I'm not censoring-whatever comes to the surface is what is being typed.
It's a pity I've got nothing to say, is all.
I am feeling very blank about the future. I don't see anything coming of any signficance. As my horoscope indicates I go from numbing routine to crazy abandon anad back to numbing routine.
It's pretty much true of me. But do I believe in Astrology? Or Tarot? or palmistry?
I need to take a lie detector test!
What else is new? I will take Arnie for his walk when we get home. Hopefully I'll be feeling good having found a pair of trousers. Mmmmmm, right, maybe.....
This isn't 300 words but I have to go out now, so will sacrifice length for regularity.
Nothing to say today except "Well, I said I'd do it and I've done it".