Made it thru tuesday

Well, I made it thru a Tuesday.  You didn't bother calling or texting me.  You must be either still mad at me from last Tuesday or decided to forget me period.  I hope that it's not the later or the 2.  Baby, I love you.  I don't know what to do.  Drove by your house again.  I know she's there.  Did you sleep together last night?  Make love to her when it should have been me?  Are you playing house and did she pack your lunch for you and hand it to you with a smile? I f'n doubt it!  Doubt that either of you have money for food.  Only stocking up on the alcohol.  Maybe you'll have an all weekend party to celebrate being together and in the house.  When will the downfall start?  I figured that you would start having problems with the jeep by now and your work should be getting po'd about all the time you have been taking off.  What bills are stacking up that you can't pay?  The beginning of the 3 weeks to 3 months starts this Friday.  Were the cards right?  You are supposed to come back to me out of the blue.  Come back and lets get out of here for the weekend somewhere.  Just the two of us- cell phones off to the world around us.  The trip was in the cards too.  It's meant to happen.  Labor day weekend will be the 3 month mark. Will you come back to me by then?  I love you Spanky, don't ever forget that!