Lung Transplant

Morning - well I've finally stopped running around to doctors (at least for a while) - I had thought that they would do another long volume reduction surgery - but after going through many tests they said no on the LVRS but sent my file to be reviewed by the transplant department.  A little scary but exciting too - I am hoping that they can do something for me - I'll keep you all posted. Oh, and I start pum rehab on thursday (that will be my 3rd rehab)



Moorning guys - sorry I haven\'t been on this website for a long time - astill runing around getting tested for a lung transplant - I have six more tests scheduled in the month of December - but I have great news - my only child (a daughter) is pregnant with what will probably be her only child - I am literially walking on clouds - she is due inmay - I can\'t wait.

I\'ll try to be better with keeping in touch - hope everyone is well