Low Blood Sugar

I seem to be having trouble with my blood sugar again with it dropping too low.  Second time this week and I seem to be eating like every 2 hours.  The feeling of the low sugar is so bad I get scared and call my hubby at work until I am back on track.  I am going to have to talk with my dr.   I am down to 200.2 lbs and so very close to onderland.  I really thought I had gained wt with all the eating I have been doing I seem to be hungry all the time lately.  I also have been able to eat jsut about everything since my trip to NJ.  I am walking in the evening with my hubby, Jada and the dog and it feels great to be doing some exercise.  Jada is doing great and keeping me very busy since she is 3yrs and needs to be entertained all the time.  I do hope that she does ok when I go to work on Fri and Sat she does very good with Uncle Steve.  My sleeping will be the hard part because I think she will want to be with me. feeling just great today well except for the blood sugar thing.