Loving the mixed blessings

Well today has been very busy, but very cool for the most part.

The hard - Having to take an increase in Clopixol (neuroleptic) that is injected into me (now up to 200mg). I am still on section 3 and will only be allowed a certain amount of leave.

The easy - I got Guitar Hero: World Tour on the Wii for the ward today!! I had ordered it on Amazon.com so that I could play it, as well as let others play it too. Because of the song list, it really pisses off those who are too sensitive to the truth. Well, I laugh hard at that. I also got a Queens Of The Stone Age CD through - Songs for the Deaf (a bit like some of the staff here - because when you talk to them it's as if you're invisible).

I met with my advocate Lynda today, who is very cool. I really want to show how negligent and corrupt the system is in some way, and this could easily be an avenue to do so.

Hmmmm what else? hehehe

You get the picture though. I had a fun day and I love them people I'm in here with, who actually care. More of those people are on their way too....so it's all good.

Have a good and safe night all =)