Love and sacrafices

     Life has been hectic for me the past few days,some of it good and some of it not so good.    I have a brand new neice born 9/18 weighing in at 7.2 pounds,19 inches long named Isabella Jane,the 'Jane' is after me.She is absolutely beautifull!!!! And I feel sooo loved that my baby sister named her baby after me.I love the name and intend to spoil her rotten!!!HA HA!! I was supposed to be her labor coach but my car broke down on the way and I could not get there so another sister was with her.I cried myself to sleep over it that night but she still wanted to name her after me and made me feel some better.I was with her the other 2 times she had a c-section but this one was special[not saying the other 2 babies aren't special,because they are,but this one was different,I knew she was to be named after me] and it broke my heart because I couldn't be there.She has always wanted it to be me with her because I was there and saw her come into this world.My mother and I were pregnant 3 times together.My 3rd sister is from May til September older than my oldest son[24],my 4th sister is from July till September older than my oldest daughter[23] and My fifth sister is from February till October older than my youngest daughter[20].So I was there in delivery with my mother when they all were born.It was amazing!!I have wittenessed 6 babies coming into this world besides my own 4,3 sisters,2 neices[one of which is also named after me 'Stacy Jane'] and a nephew and each one was special and different !!    My daughter is still broken up with her ex as far as I know of but I think she might be talking to him after we all go to bed at night.I have hit 'redail' of the morning and found his number and I keep getting 'private caller' calls and when I answer they hang up.I hope I am wrong because my husband says that if she goes back to him he better get her a home to live in because she can't stay here any more.He will never do that because they had been together for 3 years and he never tried to get her a home of her own and she couldn't live with him all the time because his parents are drunks and they wouldn't let her live there anyway.She has to just stay where ever she can when she isn't living hereat home with us.       Our family annual trip to Dollywood was yesterday.We have 10 people in our family whos  b'days are this month[my husband and 2 of my kids are 3 of them] and we sorta use this as a gift to them. We all had a great time but I am sore and hurting all over today.I am having a bad flare up with this Fibromyalgia today and I think it will get worse before it gets any better.Every muscle and joint in my body hurts and I can bearly walk!!But it was worth it to see my family have a good time.There wasn't many people on the park so they didn't have to wait in long lines for the rides or anything.I only rode 2 very tame rides but truely enjoyed watching them have fun,my grandbabies especially! This was the first year they were big enough to do anything much on the park.The oldest one got to do more than the little one but he didn't seem to mind at all.He enjoyed watching all the people and other little kids.Next year he will get to ride alot more of the rides and it will be alot more fun for him.They  have to be "36 to ride most of the rides and he is only about "34.But there are some that "42 is the hieght so he may not get to do them still, but we will see next year.       I have a new grandson!!!He is 16 and is to be the stepson of my oldes son.My son is marrying a much older woman than him.I was against it in the beginnig but now  I see that she is very good for him.He was bad to get into trouble all the time and she has done alot toward getting him straightened out and helping him get his life on track.She is even insisting that he go back to school and she will pay for it,he don't like the idea much[he has always had alot of learning problems...dyslexia,slow learner etc...] but he loves her and will do it to please her and so he can care for his new family.I don't worry everytime the phone rings in the middle of the night that it's him into trouble again or worse maybe even dead now. Once I got to know her I really like her and I am proud to call her son my grandson,even though it makes me feel really old to have one that old.He is a great kid and I am quickly growing to love him like my other grandbabies.My hubby thinks the world of both of them and they fit right into our family wonderfully.My son has turned into a son any mother would be proud of and I think alot of it's because of her.So,yes, I will be proud to call her my daughter and her son my grandson even if she is a couple of months older than me.That doesn't matter to me anymore,my son is happy and that is what matters most to me.I can see exactly what my son sees in her,she is a great person and I have appoligized for how I felt before I got to know her.