Lots of Tears

Tonight was not good for me. I broke down in tears, it didnt stop the tears kept on coming and coming. The release of my favorite movie twilight is coming out this friday and i invited one of my best friends but she said she was unsure, then later tonight i had found out that one of my former friends is having a twilight party so i have a feeling that my best friend is going to ditch me for this other person. I was so upset, i couldnt keep it together, i did my chore crying, i had to go to my room laying in the dark on my bed crying so hard. I feel like none of my friends wants to come to my house, i live in an apartment and its small but i dont think that should matter, i get it i dont have a pool table, or large space etc, my friends should want to come by to see me and my sister, clearly i was wrong. I'm still not feeling any better all i know is i'm not happy where i'm living at, i want to go back home to texas, i dont think things are going to get better , we're all just slipping away. I need to find a group of friends who appreciate me and will come to see me out of the blue. I dont have that, thats what is missing.