Lots goin' on

Where to begin......?  The letter from the landlord, mentioned in the previous entry, turned out to not be as Gestapo as it sounded.  The office manager said "We could have worded it better."    So our grill  and our curtains showing are ok after all. I was diagnosed with cataracts in both eyes back in May.  They are a natural part of aging, although I guess diabetes can play a roll in them since everytime I go to an eye doctor I'm asked if I have it.  The right one is insignificant and I'm still farsighted in that eye (also a natural aging thing), but the left one has noticeable changes from week to week.  I'm going to get a lens implant on the 31st and am really looking forward to it.  My night driving is voluntarily restricted now due to the glare.  Any light coming in from an angle causes a glow across my field of vision in the left eye, plus I'm seeing multiple images in that one.  It started as two, then went to three, then five and is now back to three.  At first there was no problem because my right eye is dominant and that is what my brain sees the most with, but now my vision in the left has gotten so distorted my brain is starting to recognize it and that is making a lot of things rather difficult.  Just a couple more weeks.   It all happens at once, doesn't it?  Even if you pretend to plan them to not do so.  Want to make God laugh?  Plan something.     For years the air conditioning compressor on my van has been making noise.  The past month that noise has changed and gotten louder which had me concerned.  If the compressor seizes, the whole engine comes to a stop because there is only one belt that runs everything.  Also, there was a noise when moving that was coming from the front end that eventually developed into a strong pull to the right.   I was told the right front wheel bearing was going bad by a Brakes Plus person who was doing some fast-talking upselling on a lot of "problems" my van had when I got the brakes done last month.  I took it to Pep Boys and they found the problem with pulling to the right was the tires - the left one was separating.  They also said the wheel bearing was ok.  Got new tires and that fixed the pulling, but the noise was still there and getting worse.  I quit driving on the freeway because it was getting scary. This past Friday evening I dropped it off at Pep Boys to get the AC compressor changed and have the noise looked at again.  The van is front wheel drive so there are a lot of things spinning up there when it moves down the road.  Maybe it wasn't the wheel bearing, but something else that needed fixing.  I told the guy I didn't need it for the weekend, but had to have it Monday.  Sunday I called them and was told the wheel bearing was, in fact, bad and that they had a hose ordered for the AC compressor package.  Monday I took the car to work and that evening the hose was there and the mechanic was working on it, but it would not be done that night.  I told them I had to have the van Teusday morning to pick up my Beloved's mother from the rehab.  Teusday morning I called them to find the mechanic had called in sick and they were waiting for another to come in to work on it.  That afternoon, as we were going to the rehab, I got the call it was done.  Too late.  I am totally amazed that 3 large boxes, two walkers, a walker tray, a bedside toilet, a large toaster oven, and all three of us fit into that little BMW.  Oh, and 3 balloons to boot.  We picked up the van on the way home.  Not even an "Sorry" for the inconvenience.  Pep Boys is now Poop Boys.  They didn't have the part, then they didn't have the mechanic, now they don't have the customer. ~sigh~  Out of time.  I'll cover the cataract/insurance party and the Keystone Kops work fiasco later.  Blessings all.