Lost My Job!

I lost my job!  My manager at Spherion called me yesterday morning as I was getting ready for work and told me Atmos had called her to tell me not to come back.  Why?  According to her, I had said something, an outburst, that made them not want me.  Didn't tell her what I said,,,what offended them.  There was no indication of a problem when I left work Wednesday.  Those who know me personally, know I don't do things like that.  If anything, I may be too quiet, letting things go and adapting.  When I went by Spherion to turn in my badges, I was told I couldn't even go out to Atmos and my manager would find out the details.  But, there is a ring binder and valise that I left out there that I need.   What does this do to my chances of getting a job?  This has ruined a reputation.  I've never been accused of anything like this.  What do I tell a future employer?  Will it prevent me from getting another job?  I wanted that job so bad!  The working conditions were good and it was closer to home than the last job.  I know I could done a good job for them.  I feel violated.  What now?



Oh Mike I am SOoooo Sorry !! Usually when you start a job ,there is a period of time (for me in my field) 6 months..in which you can be let go for no real reason..for me..if a boss just doesn\'t like your looks , doesn\'t \"click\" with you..you can be let go. So perhaps it is the same in all fields, I\'m not sure.. but don\'t beat yourself up.. it is not a reflection of you, as much as a reflection of the boss.Because you were not given the real reason and just a vague thing you feel has no merit..it could be that it was made up in order to have something to say in order to let you go, or perhaps something was said and misunderstood, or perhaps a coworker said something out of jealousy, etc.. there is no way to be sure..but one thing is sure.. you cannot allow this to determine you as a person or your future.Tghe only thing you can do now..is think of this as a blessing in disguise..you do not want to work for anyone who could not at least come to you first and state their problem clearly with you..it is not a good boss to have...
Now you wanted to get into radio ,or media.. this may be God\'s message to you- your talents are wasted in a call center... go with your love..you loved media..pursue that more.As far as having to say something to the next potential employer about this...don\'t.. it was a trial period.. weren\'t there long.. dismiss this.. and go back to job hunting for what you wanted ..media.In the meantime ..get right on the unemployment thing.. you are eligible ..don\'t put it off. This is not the time to give up and feel bad..this is the time to get moving in the direction you want, and also get the unemployment coming in.
I know this hurts.. I once went through a similar experience.. it can be very painful.. don\'t let it.. see this as opportunity, not a slap in the face.. it is their loss, not yours.
love your friend, Sue