lost in the storm

Ok well it has been a while since I have written.  So much has happened that I am like a deer stuck in headlights.  The Man who molested is due in court next month and all of us our called to testify.  Including my daughters that makes me very nervous.  My wife has changed jobs from Pastor's Asst. to working at the Church Learning center.  My Psych who is a resident for 1 more month then again I get a new one, Was shocked to learn that I was not in any therapy only Meds.  Strongly suggested I find a Civilian Doctor and try Residental Treatment.  That is just to name a few things that are happening.  I am a Christian although not has on fire, alive, or has strong has I once was.  In fact a question keeps popping in my head.  If God knows every outcome why does he allow people who are evil and will never change their ways to live and prey on us?  Well I have so many emotions bottled up inside I do not know where to start.  God Bless, Sean



Hey Sean:

Just wanted you to know that I sent off the Easter baskets for the girls and you should get them in the next few days. It was so much fun putting them together. I hope that, in the middle of all you\'re going through, you manage to have a nice holiday.

Hang in there!