Lost all hope

Sometimes i feel great and then i feel sad, i change my mood, i force myself to be glad and yet i'm still a little mad, i push my limits then fall back down, i hit the hard surface that hurts me for now, i try my best i'll climb some more, then i fall and hit the floor, again and again i'll repeat the cycle, next you know I've fallen and done something frightful, that i just won't stand up, nor proud, nor tall, i'll touch the edge and push once more, i'll reach the glory, blinded by it's fake, as the real one lies, it's just a way, it protects itself, to make you work harder, though then I give up and now it seems larger, the further i fall, as it watches me it hurts some more, to see that I've given up for the gold, for now i chase dirt, and dirt alone.