I haven't been on daily strengths in years but it helped me thru everything before. My fiancee left me after 4 yrs of being together. He wasnt able to fight his craving for heroin. We moved out here 4 yrs ago to get away from a bad situation that was created by our meth habit. We decided no friends that use, that we'd take this time to get on our feet n get our relationship on a great ground. Well because he is a prison baby I call it, he has been in n out off juvie n prison since a young age. He doesnt know any different or how to attract different type of people n he has a background so it was hard for him to find work. He had to work at a warehouse. He worked there 3 different times with no problem. The 4th is were he ran into heroin. He hasn't used in 5yrs. He fell n hid it from me for 6mos. I'm not familiar with that drug so I knew he was doing something but didn't know what. Finally I forced his hand n he broke n told me. We got him help with mental health. He did 2 classes a day n was enjoying them. He was diagnosed with PTSD. Well I'm not sure when he stopped going to classes but without work he kinda swallowed up into a depression. I got offered a promotion to fulltime at a new store. We talked about it n he encouraged me to take it. I doubted myself. I took it n this store was is really bad shape. So I was not working my 30hrs I was doing 40 sometimes plus. We my dad helped him get a job at his work n thats when it began to take a toll on our relationship. We barely saw each other. It was kisses goodnight, kisses good morning. I guess he ran into the person he used to get high with n it triggered him. He asked guy for some n did it but didnt tell me for two weeks. Well in that two weeks he went thru cravings like u couldnt imagine. To the point of he made plans for when he left me n how he was gonna live. And already made the choice that he wants heroin n I can't be apart of his life while he is doing it. I had no say at all. He said ge didn't want to hurt me by me seeing him go thru this I told him either way I'm absolutely broken so why can't I just stay with him. He says he needs to do this on his own, he needs to hit rock bottom, n find his way. Almost a month later I'm more broken then I've ever been in my life. I have PTSD/anxiety/insomnia .. I can't sleep, eat right, keep hydrated. I've fallen to pieces. Ive been in love with this man since I 15 yrs old. He found me after 20 yrs apart. It was magical we clicked me match each other so well. We didn't know were one of us began n the other ended. Are souls were mates. We felt it so deeply. Its hard to put in words. I just cant. I go to work 5 days a week. I float thru the days. Ive slipped up with meth now after 4 yrs sober n drinking after 4 yrs sober. I'm just so lost with me n him. I wanna love n support him but dont know how