Losing it

For the past 5 weeks I've been a mental anxious wreck. Foreclosure, stress at work, quiting drinking.. I'm still sober dispite what feels like mental anguish.
Today I went to go see my Psych. I had to bring my oldest daughter that has a drivers permit with me incase I couldn't drive myself> I managed to arrive  with her by my side> I feel apart talking to my psych tho. Theres a investigation at work and I love the resident dearly< she broke her leg and they don't know how or when> She passed away yesterday. God bless her soul.
I constantly have my mind racing and my heart racing and feel anxious> I hate it. My Psych prescribed me a new medication and my husband took the weekend off to be with me.
I want to just cry and cry and cry. I cant wait to feel normal