losing my mind

Can't say that this is breaking news, but I am losing my mind completely. 
It wasn't enough to lose my house and 3/4 or more of my personal possessions. It wasn't enough to come down to Rhode Island to find my mother completely incapable of even contributing to her own care and nearly out of money.
It wasn't enough that my brother has sucked so much out of me, financially, that I have limited resources to rely upon, and my other brother has me take on my mother's house, using up those limited resources to keep her home for her while the entire medical system is designed to suck every possible dime out of her, including the house.
It is not enough that I have no privacy, no place at all to call my own, and very, very little in the way of resources remaining, and massive debts to clear up that will not be cleared up when they foreclose on the house. 
The doctor at the hospital that the program the girl is going through wants to put a team of specialists on her, inside our "home" and invading the last vestiges of my life.
I am completely destroyed, on every level of my life. Here I sit, having had all my possessions taken from me, with no friends to speak of and a completely unreliable family, most of whom expect me to take over their lives and help them out and handle their mess, as well.
In the space of one month, any confidence in my abilities to care for my daughter have evaporated. I have nowhere to turn, no one to turn to, and it is only a matter of time before she is taken away and neither of us will ever recover.
Well, it is possible that the so-called professionals will force my square peg daughter into a round hole, so I can only really speak for myself - should the worst happen, and it appears about to, I will never recover. My only recourse will be to remove myself from this place and attempt to pretend that none of all of it has ever happened.
The trouble will follow me wherever I go. There is no escape from it.