Looking Better

Things are looking better today.  I got some sleep finally.  I feel more leveled out today.  So far there have been no extreme ups or downs.  I have no desire to drink today.  I also am not wanting to die today.  I want to live and live sober.  I want to move forward with life.  If everyday could be like today it would be great.  This bipolar thing has been kicking my butt.  Hopefully things are going to stay leveled out for a while and I can get back into some kind of 'normal' life.  Not really sure what normal is anymore but I would sure like to find out.  I am all for it if it is like today.  The depression is still present but it is not so bad that I can't function. I am sure that will improve once the new meds have a chance to kick in.  Let's hope things stay this way for at least a little while so I can get on with life.