Looking up

Things are looking up. I have emotionally detached myself so much from the guy who I have had no contact with. So much that I deleted his number from my phone last night! Feels like a weight lifted. Also, I have a date tonight with someone brand new tonight. Whether it goes well or not, it will be nice to get out and just move on. It doesn't hurt that this guy is handsome and extremely successful too :) I'll be dressed to kill tonight lol. SEE all that shopping has paid off in some way! At least I can wear all this stuff on dates.
Then, I am up for a new job which is exciting. Hopefully I get it. This would be a power move for me. If not, that okay too.
I'm just trying to mellow out now and go with the flow of life. I just have to accept that there will be things I cannot control, and if I can't, just let it go!
That's easier said than done, but Im just going to DO IT.