Look into your eyes, don't be rude now.

Have the drugs made your eyes glassy? Has the shame? The filth?No, now it's your jaw, it stings doesn't it?Why does it sting, What did you do? Did she find out what you did, she came for you didn't she. She doesn't remember your face enough to give a shit about it, so who could blame her.
Now you're in trouble. She found the devil that consumes you. Oh dear.. must have let a little bit of it dribble into her. Well, that's just careless, isn't it? How can you be so powerful, so controlling, if you can't mask your fingerprints?
Oh I see, you didn't know that before she turned 20 she would be able to dream of you every night. Page by page she analized your corrupt being.
You can't even feel you're mouth now can you? you can see the blood, but you feel nothing, is your jaw broken?Well thats funny, did you ask her if she feels it?
Oh I see, she's left you there bleeding on the ground? Why doesn't she care. Why doesn't she stay. Even if she's angry, why doesn't she want to watch the blood spill?
Huh, you think your fucking jaw is numb. You stupid stupid cunt, you had the easiest crime in the world to commit, you can't not fuck it up. Now you can think about me every single fucking night baby. Sweet dreams.