Look At Me!!  I sit here watching my world burnAs a snake coils its self around my thoughtsWaiting for the first vague reference To the dismal side of our nonexistence So it can lash out at those around Brave enough to take two steps forward Is it only me who feels this creatureThis monster who hides in memory’s shadowMaking laughter fall to ashes at its feetJust when the pain was getting better Does a snake ever lose its fangs?!Can I fight this on my own?! Where is my hope oh mighty oneWhere did my dignity run off toCourage, why must you turn traitor nowIn this one hour where I need you mostThe snake is twisting around my neckYet there you stand face to the wall No one look at each other in this lifeCan no one see the scars that stain my heart Look here, this is where my snake bite festers Thats where the poison gets inAre you to scared to really see meIn this world where we don’t look at each other I want you to watch as the snake is choking me As its poison slowly drives me madI want you to look at me and see the misery and recognize the beauty in out infinate range of emotions  1-15-09Laura     i feel like people are scared of who i am. im almost scared of who i am. im a younge woman, who has seen her fair share of trauma. does that make me frightning?? is it that i am so calm that intimidates them. so many people would never guess what ive beent through. no one knows my own personal monsters that thrive in my memeorys. and the same goes for everyone else. i dont know what kind of beast is ransacking your thoughts. no one asks questions. no one really sees whats around them when its there. we walk around here in our own beautiful world trampaling on the feelings of those we love. we live as if we had millions of years to spend here.not mere seconds. mother i want you to see me!!! i want to see you, i want to see daddy and my sisters. i need my firends to see me, and i need to see them.  LOOK AT MELOOK AT ME AND DONT FEEL FEARSEE ME AND MY MISERY and recognize the beauty in our inffinate range of emotions