Long time since I last logged in.

Wow, it has been a long time since I last logged in and read the boards. I have had so much to do the past year. My daughter was diagnosed with a DVT. So it has been a rollercoaster of a ride for her. I started working at a new school this year. I pray as the year closes that I can stay there.
My wieght has been ok. I gain 5 lose 5. But I am overall happy with my surgery results. I still have the 50 pounds to lose but I feel great. I do admit I dream of less skin, but for the most part I know it is vanity and the desire to wear other types of clothing that I have missed out on.
Food is still an issue, I work really hard at making good choices most of the time. I also know that my family is great when it comes to eating out and sharing with me. I really think that is why I am more successful. I have foods I miss, and I do tempt my self at times. Only to regret it. For about 6 months the thought of drinking another protein shake makes me want to barf. Now I can do it and I am ok. I have been working really hard at drinkng one for lunch and then having a small snack later on in the day. I think it is working again.
I can eat a lot of food now, but not in comparision to what I used to eat. My major downfall is still the chips. I work hard at not putting them in the house. If they are, then it is normally a flavor my children prefer than me.
I am proud to say that I am still soda free, but I am additcted to Ice tea and coffee. One of my major sins.
I do need to re-evaluate my exercise routine. I am lazy with this, I guess I should once again start out simple.