Long summer!!!!

This has been a long summer..  My daughter started going down hill at the end of school and it has not gotten better.. We decided she was not ready for drivers ed this summer so she will taking it next summer,, maybe,, she has been [ut on different meds but there is very little change.. she broke a picture frame today and cut her hand a little bit  all because we ask her to get off the computer so we could look at something she came unglued, the computer is her friend cuz she has none.. I am not looking forward to school starting for her if she is not any better then this when school begins, The team she has in place at the counseling center is working really hard to help figure things out.. she makes it hard.. she knows how to work the sysytem, they know this and that helps. but right now nothing is working., Her dad is home more and he thought that  might help her but it hasnot made a difference either.. I am surprised  the neighbors have not called the police on us cuz when she decides to have one of her rages she can scream the house down and we have close neighbors.. I went to my sisters for a few days and left her with her dad at home actualy she had to with  him in the truck but she likes that. the break was good but it was not long enough.. she is affecting us all in different ways,, my two little ones are starting to mimick some of her fits to see if they can get there way.. and they are on edge all the time waiting for her to go off, we have talked about med-eval at a hospital but her team iss not sure they can get her in unless she is actually harming herself or has physically hurt someone else.. the cuts that are going on in our state have made it hard to get some things done quickly.. but they are looking into it in case it comes to that, I am just tired,, depressed . I find myself constanlty in a bad mood and getting upset over things with the other kids that really are not important, I hear them all now I guess I better go,, thanks for listening..