Long Day

It's been a long day,,,a day that started at three Tuesday morning and hasn't ended yet.  Seems even longer since I got only four hours' sleep Monday night.  The surgery went well.  Found out I'd lost 14 pounds in the last month and my fasting BS was 92.  Left the hospital about 10 and felt great.  Vickie took me by to get my meds and a carton of cigarettes and brought me home.  She then went out to dinner with our cousin.  Brought me back a great Mexican dinner.  All went well till about 6 Tuesday afternoon when the surgery meds wore off and I was hit by tremendous pain!  Took a pain pill and it didn't work.  Took another at 10 and it didn't work either!  Tried calling the doc and had him paged.  Never got a response.  Called again and again with no results.  Called the other 2 doctors in his service and didn't get them either.  Haven't slept because of the pain.  Called the office this morning and they told me I needed to get ibuprophin since I couldn't take Celebrex because of my blood pressure.  It's helping a bit, but still in pain.