local farmers' market

Yesterday morning started with haircut---which resulted in a fever burn/cold sore on my lip today; either from half hour walk in sun from walmart to farmers' market, or stress over getting a haircut, period.
Friendly stylist at walmart, ten dollars for cut--though no chairs while waiting!  She talking to someone about 60 dollar shoes she got on sale for 30 dollars, with a size too big, cause they tight, and she having two pairs to wear while being on her feet all day.
Half hour walk, with 3 bags from walmart, to farmers' market, for five minutes there, to catch bus home so I wouldnt have a hour walk home.
Four (?) hours later for my alpha-male friend to knock, to go to farmers market---where he again able to talk produce seller to give him a big box of fruit for a few bucks.
Seller of comic books for dollar each, who I didnt bother with at noon, already put everything away, to leave around 430, with my alpha male friend being the one to ask, with dollar comic books down to fifty cents before he packed up.  So, maybe next week to try again.
Got my usual 3 for five dollars used dvds, and season 2 of "Northern Exposure" tv show for five bucks.
Outlaw biker, wearing his "colors" at the farmers' market; a really notorious east coast gang, but also silly to show up at a farmers' market in such a...get-up.  He walking a dog, with signs up about that not allowed,  which also means he didnt bike to the place.  One seller, at other end of farmers market has...brass knuckles...for sale.  This, amid, all the Amish/Menonites with food for sale.  Police car was at farmers' market at noon; police pulled over a woman, who was wearing a pink blouse, driving a car,  minutes later, with the bus I was on going by the police and woman driver.
(As typed at library, and feeling stupid after woman in wheelchair in my building made mistake of starting conversation with me, with me going on and on about MY PROBLEMS....which is why I try not to talk to anybody in the building; can't help myself from talking "stupid.")



You see all kinds of people at these kinds of places. Farmer\'s markets, craft fairs, Etc. the biker guy with his dog. Funny. He could have had a side car on his bike for his dog. Lol.
You did well with the DVDs. Bargain. Hopefully you\'ll get more deals another time.
Oh you are funny talking to the lady in the wheelchair about your problems. Lol
I\'m sure she didn\'t mind. there again she may write in her journal writing about the \"stupid\" things the guy in her building says to her. ;)

I Liked your journal. The fun adventures that you have.

thanks, naturegirl65

56 year old me bought a dozen comic books for 50 cents each yesterday at the farmers market; comic book titles i never even heard of....though its like i told the seller, i don\'t go to see comic book movies.

The weirdest thing I have ever seen a biker do was back in Ohio around 40 or so years ago He was leading a topless woman by a collar around her neck and had a pig\'s severed head in his other hand. No I am NOT making this up! Doubt he would be able to get away with that in this day and age.