Living with PE

I was diagnosed Feb 2018 with Pulmonary Embolism.  I fell asleep on the sofa and my bent leg caused a clot to form . For 5 days I walked around with a dull ache in my leg. FF, the clot traveled and separated in both lungs. They took so much blood from me to see if my body naturally produced clot. My blood work came back great.  Dr. Said My situation was just a fluke. I only stayed in the hospital for a day and half. A week later I returned  to my normal activities and esp hard training and hiit training in the gym. After reading most people stories,  I'm blessed that I don't feel the aftermath of it all. No damage to the lungs or anything.  No pain in legs, chest, heart, anywhere.  Oxygen levels normal. Dr. Said I was smart by listening to my body. I could barely get through my workouts that day with the personal trainer and almost fainted. So I'm grateful,  I will continue to pray for everyone on here for a speedy recovery and that PE won't dangle over our heads later in life.