Living the Principles

 I have not updated in awhile so here goes.  All seems to be going pretty well now.  I am sober now for almost two years.  I attend atleast 2 meetings a week now regardless if I think I need them or not.  I had a wonderful thanksgiving week with my kids.  My oldest girl has really come around in the last couple of months.  She asked me recently where she would go to school if she lived with me. Not bad for a child who was bearly speaking to me a year ago.  My younger two are growing, living and laughing.  My ex has been busy with her life so I find myself with the kids more and more  It still sucks when Idont have them, but I enjoy all of our moments together.  No gf yet, praying that God puts a good one in my life soon.  Finances are shaky at best but that should improve within the next year a bit. Thanks for reading and I hope your holidays are happy, sober and bright.